Hi!! My name is Andy Sams and thanks for visiting my website. On here you will find information on all my golf services, access to your lesson videos and links to my blog to ensure you can keep up on all the latest news from me, golf equipment information as well as a few handy tips for your game!

Born in Brighton UK, I joined my first golf club when I was 12 years of age and went on to compete at a provincial and national level. On turning professional I began giving golf lessons and coaching players immediately and have continued to develop my approach and philosophy ever since. I am now based at Avondale Golf Club and Ferrymead Golf in Christchurch NZ and a member of the NZPGA as well as being TPI certified. To summarize my coaching philosophy I would say that I believe there is no one universal method for success in this game and the key to reaching your golfing goals is to identify the most efficient way for you to play, work hard on that way and most importantly have fun! I am passionate about helping you achieve those aspects to achieve your goals.



Individual Lessons - V1 Digital Coaching Academy

Digital Analysis Lessons

On Course Management

Group Lessons

Junior Development

TPI Screening - Body/Swing Evaluation

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